Dawna Natzke

Dawna Natzke’s body was found in January 2012 after she was reported missing during the Christmas holidays of 2011. Reports state that foul play is suspected. There have not been any convictions in this case at the time of this posting.

Ms. Natzke was an emergency dispatcher for the past six years with the Hot Springs Village Police Department. She was well spoken of by all that knew her. Her family deserves peace and she deserves justice.

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One Response to Dawna Natzke

  1. Unfortunately this case has also been swept under the rug so it seems. There is at least one suspect and nothing is seemingly being worked on by GCSO, who is now in charge of the case after Dawna was found, murdered, in the county’s jurisdiction. The cause of death and other information has not been made public supposedly because the case is being worked on. This is all questionable. A public search team found her body when the powers that be refused to allow search teams to search where tips and other info said she might be found. This is how a public search party found her- info from tips. It amazes me that suspects can run free no matter what they do and information is withheld that is obviously not going to hurt the botched job that has already taken place. Is it just incompetency or is it a cover up? This we may never know. The statement that search parties and dogs take a few days to set up is a lie. I know for a fact that the search party was ready the very next day (Christmas Eve) after Dawna was reported missing (Dec. 23), but were not allowed in until after Christmas. The excuse was that they had to get permission from the chief. Then they were only allowed to search a small perimeter around where her burned car had been (before being hauled to the police station, possibly losing evidence)- all of this is very telling of an investigation which was led and held to a minimum by police.