Letter to the Editor 8.28.07

Thank you to the following newspapers for publishing our Letter to the Editor on August 28:

Batesville Daily Guard
Newport Daily Independent
The Sheridan Headlight
The Standard – Amity, Glenwood

This letter was sent to about 25 other newspapers and I am unaware if the letter was published in those newspapers or not. Please let me know if it ran in your paper. I would like to thank them as well.

Dear Editor:

Thank you for printing our previous letter regarding Linda Edwards. Several people have called with information. Our attorney has been able to take sworn statements that will assist the prosecution. I would like to thank these individuals for their concern and their time. I know there are others out there who are struggling to come forward. Please contact us. No detail is too small. Phone numbers to our attorney and investigator are listed at http://www.lindaedwards.com/.
I remember very little about my mom and I appreciate all the people who have called or written to tell me how much she loved us and how nice she was to everybody. I have few specific memories of her. I remember how the sun shone through her hair and made her look like an angel. I remember how she hid the gun so I couldn’t play with it and I remember one man coming to the house while she cried and told him she was pregnant with his friend’s child. My regret now is that I was too young to foresee the future and prevent her untimely death. Today, I only want to see the person or persons who killed her and her baby receive their just compensation for this evil crime.

Toby Edwards

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One Response to Letter to the Editor 8.28.07

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I noted with interest your letter in the Guard at Batesville. For several reasons. My son, age 30, was murdered Oct. 1, 1998, in Wasilla, Alaska, and nobody has been arrested. I am still dealing with his death and the grief and trying to get the investigators to do something.
    I am so sorry for your loss. A car accident, even a terminal illness, is just not like having a loved one jerked away violently and suddenly, I can identify with that feeling.
    Also, I worked at the Guard I think in 1979 or 1980, for Roy Ockert, I remember him being quiet, and something in his eyes indescribable. Now I know what that is, and I have the same look in my eyes.
    I have gotten the state of Alaska Office of Victims Rights to file a complaint for untimely investigation and failure to communicate with me. As a result, after 11 months, the case was found stuck in a file in Wasilla State Trooper office, (trooper investigated has retired), and it has been screened and sent to the cold case review team, who are actively prosecuting cold cases. However, they have had my son’s case since June, and I found out yesterday they picked it up, read it, and put it down for another to bring to trial starting next week. I was told a decision would be made by the end of October.
    It seems the case was mishandled, and even though there were 5 people present, a domestic violence incident where my son kept a girl from being beat up, no arrest has been made after 9 years and they say they don’t know if a crime was committed. I don’t understand that!

    Sorry foryour loss, Ginger Smith