Linda Edwards

This site is dedicated to my mom, Linda Edwards. Her nickname is Catfish.

Note: Original Post Date 07-2007

Linda Edwards
Born October 16, 1946        Murdered August 22, 1976

She was murdered in Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas. Since her skeletal remains were found scattered on Jack Mountain (Files Ranch Road) just across the county line, the case is actually being handled in Malvern, Arkansas, by Hot Spring County officials.

There were several public servants who pled the fifth and retained their jobs. The accused allegedly said, “If I go down, you all go down!” In a police interview Thurman said “They (Arkansas State Police) could find out the hard way what happened to Linda Edwards.” No one was ever convicted for this murder. This case is still open. This is actually a double homicide although the laws at that point in time did not count her unborn child — only a single victim instead of two victims. She was approximately five months pregnant with Thurman Abernathy’s child.

That is not hearsay. I was in the car with my Mother in front of Piggly Wiggly’s (facing south) when she and Thurman (in his patrol car facing north) were arguing about an abortion. In fact, I’m the one who interrupted the argument between them that day. I heard Mom scream at Thurman that this baby has as much right to live as any other child. I asked my Mom if she was going to have a baby. Thurman then shined the police car’s spotlight in my face trying to distract me from what was happening. Maybe I should have just let them finish the argument then. Maybe she would still be alive.

Within the past six months a letter from my Mother to Kathy Owens (Lefevere) was sent to me. You may read the hand written letter or the typed version here.

This letter seems to substantiate a lot of the “hearsay” and lies that the accused told. However, the Supreme Court decision never makes mention of this letter. Interesting.


Extremely Grateful

Note: Original Post Date 07-2007

Thank you Uncle Tony, former Garland County Sheriff Leon Barlow, ASP’s Captain Mike Fletcher and many others for all of your hard work and the sacrifices that you have made.


Mara Leveritt Weighs In

Note: Original Post Date 07-2007

Arkansas Times Cover
Arkansas Times Cover

Thank you to Mara Leveritt. The article is now in the Arkansas Times. Mara has written a couple of books on some other Arkansas murder cases that are noted on her site. In fact, a couple of the characters in the book “The Boys on the Track” is/was involved in my mom’s murder case. (Richard Garrett and Dan Harmon respectively).  Read Here


Desk Prompts Memories

Note: Original Post Date 07-2007

Mom's desk
Mom’s desk

This desk was between Hot Springs Police Officer Charlie Evans and me the day he came over to our house on Clairmont. The same day my mother told him she was pregnant with Thurman’s baby. This is important to me because, he has made two different statements and then pled the fifth. One statement was he was only at our house a couple of times for supper and the other statement he made was he had NEVER been to our house.

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6 Responses to Linda Edwards

  1. My heart is hurting over this gross
    injustice. I have a problem and need someone to talk to who has been there and done it. If you have time please call me. Scott Henning 501 258 7858

  2. Terry Hobbs says:

    As we shared this Story with the Producers of Paradise Lost hoping to draw the much needed attention to a High Profiled Case of Injustice. I can not help to believe someone has managed to hide from the Justice of the Murder of Linda Edwards. What an Injustice this has been for the Memory of Linda Edwards and Her Family.

  3. Very disheartening! I would like to say to Toby and Kim, please know that while your mothers murder may go unsolved, it will not go UNPUNISHED!!! The murderer may think that he has gotten away with it but he will answer to a higher judge. There will be no lying to the all knowing. Same goes for all who hindered and lied and made there own rules to benefit the conviction of the guilty.

  4. lecroyal says:

    I am curious as to whether or not the baby was ever recovered. This all just seems sad to me that a mother and child were murdered but no one really has anything concrete.

    • Ruth Burks says:

      My uncle was the man who found Linda and her baby..His hunting dog brought the baby’s skull and dropped it at his feet…He was the Assistant Chief Lake Hamilton Fire Department remember I was there when he radioed his wife that he was coming home and had something important to tell her and then he told us what he had found…I was also there later when a car with Thurman Abernathy arrived to pay him a visit and my uncle told about what happened and where he dumped the body and they agreed to keep it between the two of them..