Letter to the Editor 8.22.2007

Thank you to the following newspapers for publishing our Letter to the Editor:
Batesville Daily Guard
Newport Daily Independent
Texarkana Gazette
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This letter was sent to about 25 other newspapers and I am unaware if the letter was published in those newspapers or not.Please let me know if it ran in your paper. I would like to thank them as well.

Dear Editor:

Murder, lies, sex…sounds like something out of a soap opera. Unfortunately, this affected my life by the age of 6. At 6 years I experienced life in a way that no child should ever have to experience life. My mother didn’t come home one night. One night stretched into 6 long months. Six months of thinking she was on vacation. Six months of waiting for her to come back any time to take me home. Six months of fruitless hope because they found her remains, tossed like trash, out on Jack Mountain outside of beautiful Hot Springs, AR. Now, 31 years later, her murderer is still free. Free, not because there isn’t enough evidence to take the case to court, not because every single avenue has been exhausted, not even because people are not interested; free because the prosecutor has the sole discretion to determine if it’s worth taking to trial or not.
There is a website at http://www.lindaedwards.com/ dedicated to my mother that includes phone numbers to the Hot Spring County prosecutor, state police and other individuals as well as including many of the news articles and case facts on the murder. If you remember anything or just want to encourage the prosecutor to take this to trial, please contact us either via the website or at the phone numbers listed. Thirty-one years is to long for a murderer to go free.

Toby Edwards

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