Letter to the Governor July 2007

Read original letter here.

Their response was as follows:

Aug. 10, 2007

Amy Click-Horoda, with the Counsel for Clemency and Corrections, called  from the Governor’s office regarding the packet we sent to the Governor.  Once we found out which office she represented, we asked why the clemency department was calling us as there had never been anyone prosecuted in our case. She said the file had been referred to her due to her experience in criminal defense law and the police/cold case files.

She said she was calling to “check in” on the status and indicated that the Governor’s office couldn’t put pressure on the prosecutor.  She also stated when the prosecutor reached a “point” they might could do something, but didn’t elaborate on what the “point” was.

Amy gave us some avenues for complaining against the prosecutor, but said it probably wouldn’t go very far.  She also said the prosecutor could request state/ county monies for exhumation and requested us to keep her posted.

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