Allegedly Pregnant

Publication  Unknown – 8-9-1978

Sarah Edwards, a State Police radio dispatcher, testified Tuesday that Linda Edwards and Abernathy had had an affair for approximately three years before her death. Sarah Edwards said Linda Edwards became pregnant and told her Abernathy was the father.

Sarah Edwards said Linda Edwards told her that Abernathy wanted her to have an abortion. She said Abernathy said he didn’t have the money for the abortion. Sara Edwards said that Linda Edwards decided against the abortion.

Linda Edwards and Abernathy had numerous arguments about the abortion, Sarah Edwards testified. She said she saw Linda Edwards twice August 22. She said Mrs. Edwards was angry and during a conversation told her that she was going “to straighten this thing out one way or the other.”

“If he didn’t satisfy her, she was going to go up to Thurman’s wife and tell her everything,” Sarah Edwards said.

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