Authorities stymied in disappearance case

The Sentinel-Record 8-27-1976

Law enforcement authorities in Arkansas Thursday were unable to make any substantial advances in the investigation into the disappearance of a female Garland County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Missing since last weekend is 29-year-old Linda Edwards, who had worked at the Garland County Sheriff’s Department for six months as a radio operator.

Sgt. Mike Fletcher of the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Unit said there had been “no change” in the status of the investigation.

Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Tony Robbins said that apparently no new information which he could make public has come to the attention of the local authorities.

Deputy Robbins added that Mrs. Edwards, who is a divorced mother, apparently told no one where she was going Saturday prior to her disappearance.

When asked if it was likely that the woman had become “embarrassed” because of the publicity surrounding her disappearance and was refusing to surface, Deputy Robbins said he believed this was unlikely.      .

No reason for her disappearance has been established by law enforcement officers, who are continuing to probe the mysterious disappearance of the female sheriff’s deputy.

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