Badge No. 137 to be re-retired

It came to my knowledge recently that my mothers badge number was still in use. After she was found, her badge was to be retired and never used again. I have an article and an an editorial stating this fact.

My wife called the Garland County Sheriff”s Office to confirm that the badge number was retired and discovered that wasn’t actually the case.  She left a message with Chief Shoptaw asking about the badge number. Later, when they actually spoke on the phone, he indicated he had been unaware that this was the same badge number my mother had used but he had checked into the matter. He also said he had a met with both Sheriff Larry Sanders and the lieutenant and they all agreed that retiring the badge number was the right thing to do and would order a new number for the lieutenant.

My sister and I want to thank Sheriff Larry Sanders, Chief Shoptaw, and especially the lieutenant ( I don’t know his name) for doing the right thing. This kind gesture means a lot to us.

By the way, Chief Shoptaw said he was a big fan of Mom’s. He said he played at some of the clubs during his “wanna be hippie” days!

We are waiting on the official word that the badge number is retired and I hope to update here when all is said and done.

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