Edwards decision pending

The Sentinel-Record 3-29-1977

Hot Spring County Prosecuting Attorney John Cole said Monday he has thoroughly examined the case file on the Linda Edwards death, but wants to see the results of investigations into three additional areas before making a decision in the case.

Cole said he keeps thinking the case will be “wrapped up soon,” only to have additional information come in from the investigators.

New information received in the past few days has included a letter written by the Garland County Sheriff’s deputy and reports coming out of additional interviews conducted by Cole and law enforcement officers, Cole said.

“I’ve been through the file, but it’s extremely difficult to put together and get a perspective,” Cole said, noting that all new information has to be given attention.

The new information is classified by the prosecutor as “little things,” but he said the investigation would have to continue until all avenues have been explored.

At this point Cole said the investigation simply is not complete and will not be until he gets investigation results on the three additional areas.

Although he would not discuss the areas, Cole said investigation into those areas should not take long since the “things to be checked out should be fairly readily available in Hot Springs.”

Until these items have been investigated, however, Cole said no final decision will be made. He also said the investigation is a difficult and delicate one, which makes it hard to satisfy the public.

However, Cole said he hopes the public can understand that he cannot afford to be “premature” in making a decision in the case.

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