Hunters urged to look for evidence of Edwards

The Sentinel-Record 11-5-1976

Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigator Mike Fletcher said Thursday that local law enforcement authorities have requested hunters participating in deer season activities next week to be on the look-out for any evidence which might reveal the whereabouts of missing Garland County Sheriff’s Deputy Linda Edwards.

Deputy Edwards, age 29, has been missing since Aug. 22 when she failed to return to pick-up her children, who had been left with a baby-sitter.

Her car was found abandoned near Hot Springs in the Carpenter Dam Road area.

Investigator Fletcher said that law enforcement officials fear that Ms. Edwards has been a victim of foul play. Noting that no apparent reason for her disappearance has been determined. Sgt. Fletcher said that law enforcement authorities are asking deer hunters to check the forests and woods for any evidence of Ms. Edwards.

Fletcher said that all investigative leads have come to an end. He said any additional information which might lead to her whereabouts will be kept in the strictest confidence. Fletcher said any information about the missing deputy should be relayed to the Garland County Sheriff’s Department, to Sheriff Leon Barlow, or to Troop K of the Arkansas State Police.

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