Letter to the editor

Thank you to the following newspapers for publishing our Letter to the Editor on August 28, 2007

Batesville Daily Guard
Newport Daily Independent
The Sheridan Headlight
The Standard – Amity, Glenwood

Thank you for printing our previous letter regarding Linda Edwards. Several people have called with information. Our attorney has been able to take sworn statements that will assist the prosecution. I would like to thank these individuals for their concern and their time. I know there are others out there who are struggling to come forward. Please contact us. No detail is too small. Phone numbers to our attorney and investigator are listed at http://www.lindaedwards.com/.

I remember very little about my mom and I appreciate all the people who have called or written to tell me how much she loved us and how nice she was to everybody. I have few specific memories of her. I remember how the sun shone through her hair and made her look like an angel. I remember how she hid the gun so I couldn’t play with it and I remember one man coming to the house while she cried and told him she was pregnant with his friend’s child. My regret now is that I was too young to foresee the future and prevent her untimely death.

Today, I only want to see the person or persons who killed her and her baby receive their just compensation for this evil crime.

Toby Edwards

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