Letter to the editor – Vicky

The Sentinel-Record 9-1-2004

Children seek exhumation

Dear editor:

Twenty-eight years ago, somebody may have gotten away with murder. I can only assume that this person or persons have lived a fulfilling, happy life. I can only assume that they have enjoyed seeing their children grow up and possibly their grandchildren. However, the mother who was so brutally killed 28 years ago did not get to see her children grow up, she did not get to see her only daughter get married and she did not live to see her first grandson born. Why would somebody murder a young woman with children? Was it a crime of passion? Did she have something they wanted? Did she know something they didn’t want known? Whoever is responsible let her children, friends and family think she had just disappeared.

Linda Edwards did not deserve to die the brutal death she suffered; she did not deserve to be dumped in the woods like trash and her murderer or murderers do not deserve to remain free. Her children are now grown. Perhaps with their mother alive, they would never have had to experience the traumas they grew up with, the pain and fear of rejection, and the emotional upheaval they have had to deal with all of their lives.

These children are now adults. They have requested to have the body exhumed for DNA testing. It is time for somebody to step forward and take responsibility for his or her actions. It is time for anybody who remembers even the tiniest thing to step forward so Linda Edwards and her children can get the justice they deserve. Please do not be afraid to do the right thing. Now is the time for this to end!

Vicky Edwards
Hot Springs

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