Local comment: As painful as death?

The Sentinel-Record 9-10-1976

One of the most distressing aspects of the disappearance of Linda Edwards is the eruption of rumors about her absence.

The young Garland County Deputy Sheriff has been missing for sometime now and the stories that seem to be common public knowledge about her are numerous.

Investigating officers even released the information that the divorcee is apparently pregnant. Perhaps the public needs to know this or perhaps it was necessary to the investigation to tell it, but on the surface it seems like an invasion of  privacy to display such intimate details for her family and friends and neighbors to have to deal with.

Do residents of Little Rock and Mount Ida really need to know she is or was carrying a child?

Rumors swirl viciously about her private life and point accusing fingers towards at least one man who was said to be her lover. Names are named and the rumors and reputations are destroyed. Guilt is assessed whether or not it’s earned.

Perhaps Linda Edwards is dead.

Perhaps she was murdered.

But ‘perhaps’ isn’t good enough.

There still remains the chance that she is alive, and until a crime is proven it is almost as painful as death to hear her discussed and discussed and discussed.

If she is alive, could she return voluntarily to the community now that she is public property?

It’s time to leave Lind Edwards alone until her fate is known.

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