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Letters to the editor 
The Sentinel-Record 6-4-1978

Dear editor:

I have never written to the newspaper before, but I do feel one who knows what a splendid job that Sheriff Barlow has done would speak up.

Mr. Editor, I am disappointed in the way Mr. Young has misled the citizens of Garland County. In an article in The Sentinel-Record printed 25 May 1978, Mr. Young was critical if the way Sheriff Barlow handled the Linda Edwards case.

Sheriff Barlow did the right thing by turning the case over to the state police for investigation are they not capable of handling it.

It was a wise decision to allow an unbiased third party to conduct the investigations. This insured justice for both sides, the sheriff’s office and the police department.

Mr. Young made a statement that he had attained more technical training than anyone in Garland County with the exception of the FBI.

Does this mean more than our state police who attend various schools regularly?

Does this mean more training than the Alcohol and Beverage Control personnel that work in Garland County?

There are many people in Garland County including my son who have a various times taken and completed courses in criminal justice offered by Garland County Community College and from federal agencies. There are many law enforcement officers in our county who could display an impressive set of credentials. Mr. Editor, Sheriff Barlow believes in equal justice regardless of the status or office a citizen may hold.

Mr. Young stated he planned to abolish the public information department. This reflects his inability to operate the Sheriff’s office properly. Lt. Roy Smith has sponsored many programs as our public information officer and is on call 24 hours daily.

He has conducted classes on anti-rape, assisted the elderly on con-artist detection and sponsored the Garland county cadet program. Lt. Smith will soon introduce anti-drug abuse program for children grades 1 through 5.

If this department was phased out then we would not have these beneficial programs that now exist.

Mr. Young stated that he would if elected write a sheriff’s manual but this has been in effect for many years. I suppose Sheriff Barlow would welcome any citizen to look at it should they ask.

Mr. Young made the statement that he would appoint a fire and arson investigator. Our present CID handles this. Chief Deputy Robbins has had a course on arson from the Arkansas State Police. Mr. Young leads everyone to believe that the sheriff’s office doesn’t communicate or have an exchange of information with city and state, this is not true. They communicate and cooperate with each other every day.

Just tune in your scanners when a robbery, theft or rape occurs. Mr. Young made the statement that he would upgrade the reserves. We have a group of fine reserves. Hats off to you “men” who have given so much for $1 or $2 a year stipend pay.

Mr. Young and Mr. Brown both ran on similar platforms but the platform on which they ran are in existence today with our present sheriff.

Esteline Tadlock
Hot Springs
(Mother of two law enforcement officers)

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