Rumors to the contrary, Linda Edwards unfound

The Sentinel-Record 9-2-1976

Despite rumors to the contrary and numerous telephone calls, missing Garland County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Linda Edwards has not been found, according to Sheriff Leon Barlow.

He said Wednesday night that numerous calls had been made within the previous two days to the sheriff’s office and to his home. The callers apparently had heard rumors that Deputy Edwards had been found dead.

Barlow said rumors concerning the disappearance apparently have been broadcast on Citizens Band radio, adding, “Plenty of rumors go around, but I don’t know how this one got started.”

He said the callers have been asking if the rumors are true or have assumed they are true and asked where she was found.

He said that investigation into her disappearance, which apparently occurred a week ago Sunday, is continuing.

Arkansas State Police now head the investigation with a team led by Maj. W.A. Tudor, chief of the Criminal Investigation Division of the state police. Barlow said the sheriff’s office is assisting in the investigation, with two men assigned to the case.

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