Search goes to the air

The Sentinel-Record   8-29-1976

State police, now conducting the investigation into the disappearance of a Garland County Sheriff’s deputy, took to the air Saturday in an attempt to more thoroughly search the area where the missing officer’s car was found.

Missing over a week now is Linda Edwards, 29, who had worked as a radio dispatcher in the sheriff’s office for the past six months. The divorcee and mother of two apparently left her home last Saturday without telling anyone where she was going. Her car was located later near Carpenter Dam Rd.

Sgt. Mike Fletcher, Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division, said Saturday the search “didn’t turn up anything new” despite assistance from the Arkansas National Guard in the form of the helicopter and pilot. Accompanying Fletcher on the airborne search were ASPCID chief Major W.A. Tudor and investigator Bill Bounds.

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission boats were also utilized in the search as were those of the sheriff’s department. Deputies participating included Johnny Morrow and David Schumaker.

Asked how the investigation was progressing, Fletcher said, “We don’t know anything new. We’re just running down leads, conducting interviews and doing a lot of legwork.”

No reason for the mysterious disappearance has been established by law enforcement officers continuing the probe into the bizarre case.

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