Sheriff investigates badge alarm

The Sentinel-Record   7-7-1977

Garland County Sheriff Leon Barlow said Wednesday he personally investigated the discovery of a sheriff’s badge found by a Hot springs woman late Thursday.

Barlow said his office was notified about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday that a six-point badge had been found in the front yard of the Susan Dewey residence at 174 Cedar St.

“I answered the call myself since I thought it (the badge) might have been Linda Edwards’ badge, but it wasn’t. It was just a cheap badge made out of thin metal with a pin back. The word “sheriff” was stamped on it with the word “Arkansas” below that,” Barlow said.

However, he noted that the report shows area residents are still interested in the outcome of the case and haven’t forgotten the plea he made for help shortly after Deputy Edwards became missing in August, 1976.

Edwards’ remains were later found by hunters on Jack Mountain in Hot Spring County, and a murder investigation has been underway since then.

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