Time for the other shoe to drop

Viewpoint: Local comment
The Sentinel-Record   12-31-1976

Chief of Police Grover Douglas recently initiated disciplinary action against several of his officers. He indicated the officers acted in such a way as to deserve punishment.

Any such move on his part will draw criticism so he is to be commended for taking the action which he felt was necessary.

It’s time now for him to take action in another matter involving one of his men.

From the start, a city policeman has been under scrutiny concerning the disappearance of Garland County Deputy Sheriff Linda Edwards.

The officer’s name has been bandied about in rumors which hurt both the man and the department.

During the course of the investigation the officer refused to take a polygraph test even though State Police investigators requested it of him.

He then reportedly refused to talk to the Garland County Grand Jury when he was questioned in the matter.

As a private citizen he has the right under law to do both things, but as a law enforcement  officer, he does not.

It is now time for Chief Douglas to insist that the officer either take the lie detector test or face disciplinary action.

This is not to say that the officer is guilty of anything.

No crime has been proved in the Edwards matter. But the officer has left himself and the department wide open for continued rumors and perpetual criticism by not submitting to the polygraph test.

Chief Douglas is apparently interested in maintaining the integrity of the department. To do so, he must take appropriate action concerning the officer who has repeatedly refused to cooperate with an investigation in which he is personally involved.

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