Off the Hook – May 18, 2012: Dear Sir

Dear Sir,

Do you remember the day you came over to our house, the day mom told you she was pregnant with your partners baby? I do. My mom had gotten off the phone crying. I asked her what was the matter and she was bawling and saying (your name omitted) wouldn’t come over and headed back to her bedroom. Then you showed up. You came in through the carport door. Didn’t knock, just walked right on in all dressed up in your Hot Springs Police uniform. You asked me where my mama was and I told you she was in her bedroom crying because you wouldn’t come over. You glared at me and then walked back to her room.

The crying and yelling only increased in volume, in loudness and in tears. So much that I could hear what you two were saying all the way in the living room. I heard her tell you she was pregnant and you asked her whose it was and she told you (name of your partner omitted). Then more yelling and screaming. So much that I became concerned and knocked on the bedroom door. When mom opened the door, both of you were yelling at me to get back up to the living room. You were standing by her dresser beside my mom’s gun. My mom NEVER left her gun out.

You two eventually came out of the bedroom and as you were entering the living room area, I yelled at you, “Quit making my mama cry!” Do you remember what you did next? My sister and I do. You started chasing me around. We ended up in the kitchen before you finally got your hands on me. Mom finally managed to get me away from you. I know you remember you were whipping me.

Why did all the color drain from your face when you saw my sister? Did you see a ghost? Were you remembering what happened?  Like Lady MacBeth, have you repeatedly tried to wash blood from your hands?  Who else did you have to kill to cover the tracks of your partner?  Was it worth it?

I know you have been reading the Linda Edwards Facebook page and the blog that was created in her name. I know it has caused you great pain and heartache.  It has for my sister and I as well.  This  pain must be a great burden to bear. You can’t sleep very well. You’re constantly looking over your shoulder, asking yourself, is today the day someone is coming to take me away? I know,  deep down inside your soul,  you wish to be free from this. I plead with you sir, before you have your last breath and move on to eternity to meet your Maker, make things right with Him now.

The puzzle is coming together.  New evidence has come to light and those who conspired to commit murder will pay.  Come forward and tell what you know. Perhaps a deal can be made. I don’t have control of that, but you have control of what your Maker will say to you by doing the right thing now. Live the rest of your life in peace and give some element of peace back to the children who lost their mother.

Sir, please do the right thing. You can message me here on Facebook or you can call Sheriff Larry Sanders. Let’s take care of this so we can all move on with our lives.


Toby Edwards

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