Off the Hook – May 26, 2012: Clemency? Really?

In July of 2007, I sent Governor Beebe a letter.

On August 10, 2007 I received a phone call from the Governor’s office ….. the Department of Clemency’s counsel, Amy Click-Horoda was calling as the spokesperson.

We had one question, “Why was the Dept of Clemency calling us”?

We were told our case had nothing to do with the Dept. of Clemency (duh). That the call had been referred to her due to her experience in criminal defense law (we were not looking for defense); and, all police/cold case files were referred to her.

She said she was calling to “check-in” on the status (obviously the status was negative or I would not have contacted the Governor’s office). She also indicated the Governor could not put pressure on the prosecutor. She indicated there was a “point” where they could possibly do something but did not tell us what that “point” was or what had to happen to reach it.  She gave us a few avenues whereby to log complaints against the prosecutor but said we probably would not get very far.

On a positive note, she said Eddie Easley, Hot Spring County Prosecutor, could request state/county monies for exhumation (although he has not done so). She also asked that we keep her posted.

Horoda said to keep her informed, I tried calling back on September 18, 2007 and September 29, 2007. No luck.

I voted for Governor Beebe, the “Voice of the little people”, to become Governor the first time around. Apparently I had wasted my vote. I haven’t voted for him since.

I refuse to believe there isn’t somebody who cares in a position to do something.

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