Off The Hook – June 4, 2012: POMC SOS Conclusion

Parents of Murdered Children offer a Second Opinion Services (SOS) which allows victims of crime to submit documentation, autopsy reports, and other information to specialists who review the information to see if the opinions are the same or different.

A few days ago, we received a letter from POMC with the results of the SOS from their criminal investigator. Below are excerpts from the letter:

“Re: Linda Edwards Homicide

I was assigned this case for review. Please note that due to the case still being classified as “open” I was not given the actually police report(s), crime scene photos or any other information that involved agencies feel is of a classified nature.  What I had to review were a series of interview notes, newspaper articles and biographical information.  The following is my opinion only and is based upon my reading of above mentioned materials, not any active field investigation.

With that being said I think anyone who read the material which I received will agree that Mr. Thurman Abernathy is the responsible in the murder of Linda Edwards.

Motive: Advised that he is the father in the pregnancy of his mistress, Ms. Edwards, Mr. Abernathy went into a rage. This news likely had his head spinning with the financial, personal and career consequences such news can cause. In interviews Ms. Edwards expressed fear in the temper of Mr. Abernathy….I feel he “snapped” ……

Inappropriate behavior: On the night of the homicide Abernathy drove his unmarked police car for several hours without ever checking in on the radio, making a single citizen or suspect contact and most unusually-sent his underling home early (for no reason).

Abernathy’s car was “scrubbed clean” when investigators finally got around to checking it.

Ms. Edwards had advised friends that she was going to confront Abernathy THAT NIGHT about her pregnancy.

Witnesses reported seeing a couple in loud argument in dark sedan.

After the fact behavior: Abernathy’s complete lack of cooperation is a major key. This was a woman who was pregnant with his child, someone he had cared about and carried on a long term relationship with. A person with nothing to hide would go to the ends of the earth to help find her, he could care less. He continued this by refusing to assist in the homicide investigation. His testimony in the deposition hearing was unbelievable.

My conclusions: I believe Mr. Abernathy committed this murder.  He checked out his unmarked unit, sent home his cover officer and murdered Ms. Edwards. Due to his vehicle being sanitized, it sounds like he assaulted her in the police car.  She was then transported to the remote location where she was found.  If not dead at that time, she was most likely “finished off” by Abernathy.

…in a politically charged competitive atmosphere. Mr. Abernathy in any other circumstance would have been compelled to assist in the investigation. I do not think that situation would be tolerated in today’s world of law enforcement. …Mr. Abernathy, to commit such an act and be what looks like a serial cheater, may be a sociopath. As such he would not have the feelings of guilt to cause a confession.

Ongoing investigative suggestions: …Contact a newsmagazine show…At our annual trade conference 20/20, 48 hours and others are actively recruiting for upcoming shows. I don’t feel they could find a more compelling case….

In closing: Someone in our law enforcement family was brutally murdered along with her unborn child and left alone in the middle of nowhere for the wild animals. She left behind small children and friends. It is as concerning that another cop is the likely responsible. This case cries out for justice and it needs to be investigation until justice is done. (POMC Second Opinion, 2012)

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