Off the Hook – July 27, 2012: KZNG Radio

Thank you KZNG and Dick Antoine of Talk of the Town for featuring the Linda Edwards story on your show today.  I am always thankful for help and hope that something will spark somebody to step forward.

I failed miserably at trying not to say UH so much; but I had fun and an hour was over before I knew it. Besides being nervous, it is a difficult topic for me to discuss. I had to catch my breath a few times. Please forgive my “UH’s” and the stumbling.

We get didn’t around to covering an email campaign that is currently being organized or the book that will be written.  I also failed to mention the fact that those of you using IE7 or IE8 probably want to upgrade or switch to an alternate browser for optimal viewing.

Hopefully, I will be able to upload a video of today’s broadcast before the week’s end. Vicki Parker, of US 97, is handling an audio version of the broadcast and she will edit it as soon as she can.

Monday, July 30,2012, I will begin posting from the beginning again. There will be several new articles about my mother’s case as well as articles regarding Judge Means’ personal case and the outcome.

Linda Edwards Facebook page

Remember Hot Spring County Murder of Deputy in 1976 Facebook Group

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