August 20, 2012 Talk of the Town with Dick Antoine audio of next to the last caller

This is the audio (fifth call) of the next to the last caller from KZNG’s Talk of the Town with Dick Antoine on August 20, 2012. There were several other callers that did not get to speak as we were running out of time before Dick’s next guest.

There were a total of 6 callers.  Below is a brief synopsis of those calls.

First caller:  The first caller mentioned he was not a forensic pathologist but he couldn’t understand why HS County Prosecutor would not allow the DNA testing to be done when it was offered to be paid for by a third party.  He also noted Mike Fletcher, the previous investigator, was now in a position to do something.  On a final note, he stated this case had been stonewalled long enough.

Second caller:  The caller asked about a witness who had previously come forward and what the outcome of the sworn statement given by the witness.

Third caller: Wanted the phone number to prosecuting attorney

Fourth caller: This caller asked what was currently happening and what had happened in the past.  This caller identified herself as a government official and offered her help in that capacity.

Fifth and sixth are posted.

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