Off the Hook – August 18, 2012

4 more days!

I hope everybody has put it on their calendars to join in the em@il/call-in campaign asking to have the body of Linda Edwards exhumed and DNA testing performed.

Former Garland County Sheriff Leon Barlow and I will be on KZNG’s Talk of the Town with Dick Antoine on Monday, August 20, 2012.  Be sure to listen — 1340AM.

Please share with your friends and ask them to participate also–as a group, our impact will be greater.

We are also putting together an online petition, I have been working with tech support to iron out some wrinkles in the petition due to some technical difficulties.  When we get the problem solved, we will promote the petition online so everyone can sign.  Once we reach the signature target, we will print it out and send it to the appropriate people.

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