Off the Hook – August 9, 2012: Email/Call in Campaign

On August 22, 2012, we are asking each one of you to contact the Senators, Representatives, Prosecuting Attorney, Governor and President listed on the website on the navigation bar under the Contact Information tab near the top right hand side of the page.

Please reach out to everybody on the contact page EXCEPT the Arkansas State Police and Garland County Sheriff’s Dept.

You can contact the officials via email, phone, Facebook and Twitter — the methods available to each individual are listed below their name.

Please participate to make a strong  showing of support.

Below is a sample email, Twitter post and phone script.


Email subject line:

Justice for Linda Edwards

It has been 36 years since Linda Edwards, a deputy with the Garland County Sheriff’s department, was brutally murdered. Her murderer remains free; and part of the reason is due to most of the evidence having been ruled as circumstantial or hearsay.

One of the primary reasons for the hearsay rule was the fact there wasn’t any medical record to corroborate witness statements regarding the paternity of her unborn child.

Linda Edwards’s remains are buried in a concrete vault. We are asking to have the body exhumed and tested for DNA and hope a positive match occurs whereby this case can receive the fair trial denied in the 70’s.

Exhumation paperwork was signed in 2004 – we’re still waiting. It’s not too late for Linda Edwards to receive the justice she and her unborn child deserve.  For more information please visit

Thank you.


Justice for Linda Edwards. Exhume the body. Test DNA. Convict the murderer. 


PHONE: Hello, I would like to speak to [Insert Name] or leave a message if they are not available.  I am calling to ask for DNA testing in the Linda Edwards case.  You can find more information at

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