POMC – CAC Day of Remembrance September 30, 2012 Speech

Here is the video of the speech I gave at the National Day of Remembrance.  I hope to post the entire event; however, I’m waiting on permission to use photos of the children and I still do not have the bagpipe music.

Doing the old school thing of using paper for my speech wasn’t the best choice on this windy cold day.  I had to hold my papers to keep them from blowing around and clinch my teeth to keep from chattering with cold.  I can tell by looking at the photos most of you were cold also!  Regardless, it was a day I will remember because of the love and support from all of you.

Please remember to send me your information if you have an unsolved or cold case you would like to have included on the Other Unsolved Cases link.  I will be happy to post a photo, links to any websites you have, contact numbers for the officials in your case and a brief synopsis.

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