Off the Hook – June 29, 2018: 1340 AM KZNG Radio

Thank you KZNG and Dick Antoine, of Talk of the Town, for allowing me to speak about my mom, Linda Edwards, on your show today.  I cannot express enough the gratitude I have for your support.

I also wish to thank Steve Nawojczyk for his hard work and the desire to undertake such a large project. 

The show primarily focused on Steve’s involvement with field production work for some internationally known award-winning film makers for a potential documentary on this case. In Steve’s own words, “This is not a “gotcha” piece. It will be historical in nature and all parties involved will be welcomed to tell their side and theory of this tragic story. It’s not an “axe to grind” project either. Just an overview and examination of the investigation and current status. It’s time.”

Anyone with any information, please email. Even if you think what you know is insignificant. Anonymity guaranteed. Email: Linda Edwards Project

Video of show coming soon.

Linda Edwards Facebook page

Remember Hot Spring County Murder of Deputy in 1976 Facebook Group

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