Specialist Bradley Ryan Hill, ARNG

Bradley Ryan Hill
Bradley Ryan Hill

Bradley Ryan Hill joined the Arkansas Army National Guard and served his country proudly. Ryan served a tour in Iraq risking his life in combat for his country. Ryan returned home only to die as a result of what his family and others across Arkansas as well as the nation, believe to be FOUL PLAY on the evening of April 7, 2006.

Ryan went to a local club. He gave three young men a ride. After a physical altercation, Ryan was robbed and his car was stolen. He made several calls to friends seeking help. He stated in a voice mail he was bleeding severely and needed to go to the hospital. He was found the next morning propped against a tree with an electrical cord around his neck. He was also straddling a fence with one leg and the other touching the ground. The pants that he was found in were not his own.

Ryan’s death was ruled a suicide. HOWEVER, the physical evidence does not support this finding. Ryan’s family and friends want and need questions answered. Our hero deserves to be treated with honor and respect.

Today, May 5, 2012, I received a petition from Parents of Murdered Children. Please click on the following link to print the petition, have people sign the petition and send the signed petition to Governor Beebe. Thank you. Bradley Ryan Hill Petition

Change.org Online Petition

Justice for Bradley Ryan Hill Facebook page

Link to Bradley’s Memorial Website


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2 Responses to Specialist Bradley Ryan Hill, ARNG

  1. I just saw your sons story on tv. I am greatly disturbed by the states handling of this case. If you do not get anywhere with your petition. You should do an online one. I hope justice will be served. Take Care and Stay Strong

  2. I have been a police officer for 12 years and have witnessed so many alleged suicide by hanging. Its a travesty to see the outcome of this “soldier” turn out the way it did. I know the fight for undetermined cause of death has been initated, but I for one believe it to be a homicide without a shadow of a doubt. This smallest of finds indicating possible foul play shall rule most cases like this as undetermined. I’m appalled by this investigation; mostly by law enforcement. What strikes me is the Voicemail and Bradleys statement of bleeding everywhere… Was blood found at that site… and not at the scene or on his person? If so… That would almost definitely make a homicide investigation. His supposed “friends” should voluntarily take a polygraph. I don’t know if any further details have came to light in this case. I pray for the familys peace and resolution. GOD BLESS