FOI Denial

Note: Original Post Date 07-2007

I am being denied access to my Mother’s case file. We have been wanting to review the file with our investigator and have been denied access due to the fact that the case is “open and being actively worked”. Of course this 31-year old murder case is their top priority. Bull Dingle Berries (just an expression of my First Right’s amendment here). I mean, after all, they get to plead the fifth and even retain their jobs. So why can’t I express my rights? Read the newspaper clippings if you don’t believe me. Don’t blame me for saying it. I’m just repeating known information.

In addition, I do not understand why they will not do DNA testing on the  blood samples from the crime scene or any other evidence that they already have in their possession. Per their report, they have retained some samples. Oh, yeah, it’s because they are on top of it after 31 years. It’s hard to imagine that they wouldn’t allow TV channel A&E’s Cold Case Files to step in and pay the exhumation/DNA expenses in exchange for reviewing the case file and producing a segment on this crime. Hot Spring County Prosecutor’s only excuse is that this case is “actively being worked”. In fact, they have stated they have developed new leads. It is hard to imagine that after almost 31 years that this is an active case and that the police are spending time working it. To my knowledge, the new leads they have were generated by articles and letters from me and other people who knew my mother.

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