Every time I see this (i.e., murder, police violence towards civilians) or anything like it, I just really can’t believe these things happen and are still happening. When will this violence against civilians end? Why won’t the voice of the little people stop this? Why is it only a problem if it happens towards a public official/servant by a civilian? Why is it we elect so many “gods” who say they have no control over one another? What happened to checks and balances? Obviously checks and balances are broken and it is unfortunate the officials in charge do not wish to disturb the gold pot that has been created and is funding their pockets.WHY IS IT, NO ONE CAN DO ANYTHING?How many more innocent women and children will be murdered before something causes it to stop? I just can’t believe the blatant lies and cover-ups that poison our system today. Surely George Washington and Abe Lincoln’s dust groan.What do I really expect from a government that accepts an exiled mafia boss? (That’s just the beginning.) Read “The English Godfather Owney Madden” by Graham Nown. This mafia boss died in 1965 in Hot Springs, Arkansas—eleven years prior to my mother’s murder. I sincerely doubt the city/state woke up sometime during that time frame and said “I think I’ll tie my shoelaces on straight today.” I really expected that this kind of injustice would be over by now. It saddens me very much, to know my ancestors (as well, I’m sure, as many of yours) died to make this a better country only to see our current Government’s state as: of the government by the government and for the government. Our rights are slipping away and obviously have been here in the toilet bowl of America (Arkansas) for quite some time. With government oppression we will continue to be America’s sewer. On a side note, I realize that there are public servants/officials that do care; however, the problem is finding them. One of those individuals is Peggy Maruther-Brunner, a member of the Hot Springs City Board. Thank you, Mrs. Maruther-Brunner for standing up for the citizens of Hot Springs. There are more like her that do care and eventually will be back in the majority.

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