An unhappy ending

Local Comment
The Sentinel-Record   2-14-1977

Although it is an unhappy ending to a tormenting story, the discovery this past weekend of the remains of Linda Edwards at least allows her to be put to rest at long last.

Her private life, unfortunately, became public property when she disappeared. Now it can be reclaimed by those who loved her.

Hopefully, her family and friends will be able to let her go in peace. At least the perpetual, and terrible, wondering that has plagued them since last August is over.

Indications are that she died at the same time she disappeared.

Perhaps it won’t be long before criminal justice provides the appropriate conclusion to the saga.

No doubt street-corner detectives will have a field day for a while. The renewed flames of gossip and titillation will burn ever so brightly, but hopefully briefly, and her children and others close to her can develop a new norm for their lives.

Punishment is mandatory for anyone who harmed her.

Care and affection and respect are due those who mourn her.

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