Reader can’t understand (Abernathy’s mother-in-law)

Letters to the editor 
The Sentinel-Record 6-14-1978

Dear editor:

In answer to Irene Browning’s Letter to the Editor of June 11, 1978. As a mother who loves her children more than life itself, I do not and can not understand why you of all people want to keep your daughter’s name in the public’s eye. Since you of all people should have known your daughter better than anyone else. Or are you the type of mother who thinks her way of life was a mother’s way to live? I’m sorry Mrs. Browning. I pray to God I never have to be in your shoes. I have been close enough.

Did you by any chance know who’s baby she was carrying and can you prove it? Or if she really was with child? I’m sure these are harsh words and certainly not my way of handling such matters, but it seems there is no other way to stop this on one of mine who is innocent.

I did not know your daughter and it has been a horrible experience to learn the things I have from the highest to the lowest people involved in this thing in our hometown. What bothers me most is how they come up with my children and not some others. What do you think this has done to and put my children through?

Why not let this come out in the courtroom where it should be? Or do you feel there is no justice any more? I still have faith. In some of it. I’m sure there will be a seat for you in the courtroom and see if you still feel this way. I could write a book how that feels and this whole mess, but no need to put any of my children in jeopardy.

Helen Loy
Hot Springs

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