Resident praises paper

The Sentinel-Record 6-1-1977

Dear editor:

This is a letter to the editor of the Sentinel-Record of Hot Springs and to the Daily Newspaper of Malvern, Ark. and to all of the concerned people of Garland and Hot Spring counties.

I join Mrs. Irene Browning in thanking the editor of The Sentinel-Record for the stand taken in the brutal slaying and double murder of Deputy Linda Edwards and her unborn baby of Garland County.


What are our elected officials and law enforcement officers doing about it? It has been almost a year since this double murder was done, and the bodies carried to the mountains in Hot Spring County to be fed to the wolves. I think that it is a shame that our officials have not caught this killer and brought him to justice. It looks like they are covering up for somebody, thinking that the people will forget this horrible act.

I don’t think that the taxpayers in Arkansas will ever forget the brutal slaying of Deputy Edwards and her unborn child. Especially the citizens of Garland and Hot Spring counties. I think that it is a shame that this killer is still going free among us. Whoever the killer might be, he is a disgrace to our community, and if he is a law enforcement officer as some people think, he is not only a disgrace to our community, but a disgrace to the uniform he wears, and to the entire law enforcement system of Arkansas.

I notice where our Attorney General, Bill Clinton, has asked the legislature to appoint a committee to investigate for impeachment Circuit Judge Henry B. Means of Malvern for a decision he handed down in a marijuana verdict at Sheridan Arkansas.

If headlines in the news is what Mr. Clinton wants, then I think the citizens had much rather see justice done in the double murder case of Linda Edwards and her unborn child than to read headlines about a narcotics case. At least there was not a double murder involved in the case that Judge Means ruled on.

What do you think?

W. A. Bill Thornton

Hot Springs

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