Off the Hook – June 25, 2012: For the Record

I don’t believe the whole Hot Springs Police Department (HSPD) was involved in the cover-up of my mother’s murder. I do feel the few who pled the fifth knew something about it and a couple of those individuals who pled the fifth (and possibly the wife of one of them) were directly involved in the heinous crime. I also believe that politics played a key role as well.

I was scared of anyone who wore a HSPD uniform. I was only 6 years old and had already heard too much yelling and screaming between my mother and a couple of the officers. I had even been whipped by one of the fifth pleaders. Then, my mother disappeared forever. I was hesitant about staying over at my step-mother’s cousin’s house. He was a HSPD officer. I did not realize it then, but my step-mother was trying to help me overcome the fear. Law enforcement officers wearing Garland County Sheriff Department (GCSD) or  Arkansas State Police (ASP) uniforms didn’t cause me to be afraid. It was sometime before I was able to overcome that fear and accept people for themselves instead of their uniform.

Some people have heard rumors that the murderer was not the one who was charged in 1977. I am sure the same rumors were also milling around in the 70’s. I am positive that those in charge of the investigation back then also heard these rumors. I believe they came to the conclusion in the beginning they were just that, rumors. If these rumors were true that would mean as a whole, every LEO/LEA who has handled the case has lied to my family for thirty plus years. I just don’t buy it because I have had my own experiences with  a couple of these individuals. Without those experiences, I may have believed these rumors.

There are things I know that I haven’t spoken of to the public. Maybe they will be told in the book, who knows, I’m not there yet. Above all, I do not wish to jeopardize the case. However, if you have heard something or feel you know something, even if you may think they (the police) may already know; tell Sheriff Sanders and let him decide. What could it hurt? If you’re posting on the internet that you have heard or you know something already, you have posted in “cyber history” anyway

It is my belief the end of a murderers story would have been different had they found my mother’s remains in Garland county. As it stands now, I am still trying, begging, for justice for my mother and an unborn sibling. I firmly believe that former Sheriff Leon Barlow did everything he could possibly do and may have lost the next election because of what he tried to do. That man is a real hero in my book.

I believe I am being stonewalled; but not by the ASP. If there was a way I could prove the murder happened in Garland County  (I, along with others, believe it did), I feel Prosecuting Attorney Steve Oliver and Sheriff Sanders would do everything in their power to bring justice to this case

The ASP and I have had some mis-communications and some disagreements about this case, but who hasn’t had disagreements? We agreed to disagree and are working toward a common goal–conviction of a murderer. I have spoken with the ASP CID and have given them what I have collected. There are some things that have fallen through the cracks, but I do not believe it is the ASP who has allowed this to happen.

Sometimes, I have to step away to clear my head or re-gather myself to keep up this fight, but I refuse to accept NO for an answer. Somewhere, someone who cares is in a position that can do something. Will you help me?

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