Off the Hook – June 26, 2012: Dear Sir

Dear Sir,

We do not get to choose how we die. My mama did not choose how she died. She didn’t get to enjoy seeing Sonny, Kim or I grow up. She did not get to hold her firstborn grandson or any of her grandchildren. Unlike you, she did not have the pleasure of spoiling her grandchildren; she missed their first Christmas, their graduations, a wedding and all the accomplishments grandparents revel in seeing and bragging about.

What if you die in the night without coming forward? I’ve heard stories of people who, on their deathbed, felt the fires of hell licking at their feet. Do you want to feel the heat of rejection or the welcoming light of heaven? You can still choose.

Have you consoled yourself by saying you will confess all on your deathbed? What if you aren’t able to do that? Will your Maker say “well done” or “depart from me” when you stand before him? Is your name in the Book of Life crossed out? You can choose redemption now or you can choose the route of “all liars and murderers.”

God is giving you the opportunity to make things right. Confessing to your pastor or asking God’s forgiveness isn’t enough because this isn’t about you — it’s about the people who have suffered and a dead woman whose face you see in your memories. What do you really think people are going to say about you when you die? They are going to remember what you did and didn’t do for Linda Edwards. Is this the legacy you want to leave your children? A legacy of innuendos and shadows.

You know what happened on August 21, 1976. You know how many individuals died that night to help cover up the death of Linda Edwards and her unborn child. You were there when she told you whose baby she carried in her womb — I saw you. You know what murder weapon he used. Did you wipe the blood from a billy club or perhaps from the bat sitting near the kitchen door in your partners house? Were you shaking with fear or anger at the position your “friend” put you in? You can choose peace now and give peace to Linda’s family. Let this heavy burden of guilt lift from your mind and enjoy your last days knowing you have finally done the right thing.

Please come forward and tell what you know. I’m sure a deal can be made, but you have to come forward first. Your friend can no longer hurt you — you can only hurt those you love by protecting him. Please let my mama, my unborn sibling and the other individual have the justice they deserve. Please let our families have the peace and justice that we deserve.

Sheriff Sanders is just a phone call away to your peace of mind. 622-3660.

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